Return to your Ring

If you entered my pages through this site, then you can only have done so through only one of two pages.


  1. Miscellanious Nonsense - The FAQ I wrote about my creative writing (fiction and poetry) pages.

  2. General Questions - Where I talk about everything else. More or less.

If you entered my pages through the other copy of this site, the one on Webring Webspace, you can return to your ring through the local ring return page over there, but this really would be a pointless waste of time and bandwidth, as you will see the same code on either copy, the links for which will take you to the same places on the same rings. But you're free to go ahead and do that, if you wish, because the total Webring navagibility policies mandate that I give you that choice.

If you entered my sites on any other page, you can use return to to the global ring return page for my sites, and you should be able to find your way back to where you meant to be.